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Seoul Startup Hub4.7
🔌☕️🍔🚽📶120 Mb/s
Apr 13, 2024|Seoul·Mapo-gu·Coworking Space

A huge coworking space, which is completely free to use! Good opening hours, fast WiFi, and lots of power outlets. It's quiet and comfortable, with plenty of seating areas (with proper desk chairs). There's a convenience store and a cafeteria available inside the building as well, so you can easily grab lunch without having to go somewhere else. Don't forget to try the indoor slide!

AWS Loft Tokyo4.6
🔌☕️🍔🚽📶110 Mb/s
Jan 30, 2023|Tokyo·Shinagawa·Coworking Space

Easily one of the best places to work from in Tokyo. It's free to use, all you need is an AWS account to register. Plenty of comfortable seats, fast WiFi, lots of power outlets, and amazing views. There's a small cafe selling drinks and snacks, as well as a vending machine. It can get busy so be sure to arrive early to grab a seat.


  1. From the street, take the escalator up to the 3rd floor, following the signs to the office. AWS Loft guests can bypass reception, and proceed straight to the elevators by then following the signs for AWS Loft.
  2. Tell the guard at the elevators that you're going to AWS Loft, they will let you through the gate without a badge.
  3. In the elevator, proceed to the 17th floor where you will reach a reception area. Entering the space requires ID verification, such as by scanning a QR code from your registered account on the mobile website, and then presenting a business card or ID/passport to confirm a match.
  4. You will be given a lanyard to wear with your name, which you are expected to return upon your departure.

Signup: You'll need to register on their website before entering.

Space: The space looks really impressive with large windows offering amazing views of the surrounding area. There are different zones for working, relaxing, and meetings. There is also an "ask an AWS expert" corner, which is a fun concept. Lots of power outlets. There is music playing.

Seating: There are large shared work tables with soft and hard chairs. The soft chairs are really comfortable actually. There's also counter-style seating along the back wall, and couch-style seating along another wall.

Wifi: Good. 100 Mbit down. 150 Mbit up. 6-18ms ping. We'll have to see how it holds up when the co-working space eventually gets more crowded.

Food/drinks: There is a coffee/tea machine (free), soft drinks for purchase, and some snacks for purchase as well.

Meeting rooms: There are several meeting rooms and phone booths that (I think) can be booked for free as well. I haven't really looked into it yet, though.

Overall: A really cool space, comfortable work area, good location right by Meguro station. The main drawback is that the space is only open from 10:00-18:00 weekdays, and is closed on weekends.

Buenas Migas - Diagonal4.6
🔌☕️🍔🚽🐶📶200 Mb/s
Jul 4, 2023|Barcelona·Diagonal·Cafe

This buenas migas is probably the best yet. It is full of individual seats with power outlets. If you go before 3PM, you will surely find a seat with an outlet. It does get a bit busy around 3, but I never had a trouble finding a seat. Coffee is cheap and tastes good, and the selection of the food here is good, from salad to dozen different focaccia. The WiFi is fast and no need to reconnect once you are connected. One down side may be the seats. You can only get a chair with close to none back support, or the bench attached to the wall, which is not the most comfortable thing in the world. However, given the place's overall cleanliness and how quiet it is for a cafe, I will come back many times!!

Silver Light Cafe4.6
🔌☕️🍔🚽📶170 Mb/s
Aug 30, 2021|New York·Williamsburg·Cafe

Easily one of my new favorite cafe work spots in NYC. Silver Light Tavern is a bar/restaurant, however, during the day they open their space for a small cafe. The interior looks really cool, featuring dark colors and lots of natural light, giving a very cool vibe.

It wasn't busy on a weekday so we could easily get a large table for ourselves. The booth seating is super comfortable, idle for some laptop work. Every table also has power and the WiFi is very fast. There's a decent selection of pastries, cooked food, tea and coffee. So if you want to stop by for lunch that's an option as well. Also worth mentioning, the staff was very friendly and welcoming!

🔌☕️🍔🚽📶490 Mb/s
Oct 10, 2023|Tokyo·Shibuya·Cafe

A really cool place in Shibuya. It started out as a maker space (with 3D printers, laser cutters, and more), and then they added a café as well. Food & Drinks: I haven’t tried the food, but they have some nice drinks. Their ginger ale is awesome (real ginger!) Power Outlets: Plenty of power outlets. If you ask for it they’ll help you out with an extension cord, if needed. WiFi: Good WiFi, never had any issues.

🔌☕️🍔🚽📶420 Mb/s
May 17, 2022|Taipei·Songshan·Coworking Space

A fantastic pay-to-use space with unlimited drinks and snacks. The space is operated by Tsutaya Bookstore, located on the 3rd floor of CITYLINK at Songshan station. You can either pay by the hour or buy a day pass. Prices are definitely higher than a typical coworking space, but considering the quality and selection of snacks and drinks I would still say the price is quite reasonable.

The space itself is very elegant and well designed. The WiFi is extremely fast and there are many different seating areas available, so you can choose what you prefer. The "best" seats seem to be the counter style seats in the back of the space, facing the windows with a nice view. You'll probably want to arrive a little early to grab one of these seats.

So what type of drinks and snacks are included? A lot! The coffee machine has Louisa and illy branded coffee, there is a large selection of caffeine and non-caffeine tea, juice, ice tea, coke and sprite. For snacks, there is a wide selection of nuts, chips, chocolates, and other sweets. There is also bread that you can warm up by yourself and packaged soup. If you want a bigger meal you can also pay for a daily boxed lunch or order some food from the Louisa coffee shop. Note that the sparkling water has an extra charge, and beer on tap requires the "alcohol inclusive" payment plan (more on that below).

The price is also follows:

  • 180 NTD for the first hour
  • 90 NTD for each additional 30 minutes
  • 640 NTD for a day pass (8:30-21:30 = 13 hours = 49 NTD/hour)

For the alcohol inclusive plan:

  • 260 NTD for the first hour
  • 130 NTD for each additional 30 minutes

Also note that the rate is half price before 12:00 (noon) on weekdays (this does not apply to the day pass):

  • 90 NTD for the first hour
  • 45 NTD for each additional 30 minutes

Some other things to keep in mind:

  • You can't take out food or drinks
  • You can't bring your own food or drinks
  • Keep the noise level down
  • You can borrow books/magazines
  • Printer is available for a fee
  • Meeting room is available for a fee
🔌☕️🍔🚽📶85 Mb/s
Mar 4, 2022|Taipei·Daan·Cafe

Tucked away on the 2nd floor of this art supply shop you'll find a perfect cafe for quiet work or study. Not only is the space quiet and comfortable, it's also worth trying the surprisingly tasty beef curry, which is very reasonably priced, including a drink and a small dessert as well.

On a nice day you can also enjoy the outdoor seating on the balcony. I guess the only minor fault I could find was the lack of power outlets (which from what I could tell, all tables don't have access to). Other than that, it's definitely a great place!

Note that the shop opens at 10:30, but the cafe opens at 11:00

巢 nido4.5
🔌☕️🍔🚽📶20 Mb/s
May 16, 2022|Taipei·Xinyi·Cafe

One of the quietest places to work from in Taipei. It's a "silent cafe" so talking isn't allowed. Despite the unappealing outside, the inside looks very modern and clean. There is calm background music, comfortable seats, power outlets, and fast WiFi. Desserts, tea, coffee are available. To access, look for no. 183 and ring the buzzer for "nido", then head to the second floor. It can get busy in the afternoon, so it's best to arrive early to get a good seat.

My Beverages4.5
🔌☕️🚽📶90 Mb/s
May 11, 2021|Tainan·Tainan·Cafe

Amazing cafe for getting work done. Calm atmosphere, quiet music. Power outlets are everywhere. surprisingly comfortable wood chairs. Second floor is really bright, surrounded by windows with some comfy sofas. There is a big table. Cozy and vast selection of coffee and tea. Friendly owner.

🔌☕️🚽📶85 Mb/s
Feb 17, 2022|Taipei·Neihu·Cafe

I don't go to Neihu very often, but this is definitely a cafe worth visiting. The interior feels quiet and cozy. There's a separate room with a large work table good for groups, and there are two cushioned floor seating areas that look very cozy. The main room has tables and counter seating. Fast WiFi, friendly staff, plenty of power outlets, and cheap drinks.

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