找個適合的咖啡廳工作吧 / 最高評分

Cafe and Cowork是一個分享世界各地適合工作的咖啡店及共享辦公室的網站。身為游牧工作者,我們和大家一樣在在乎不限時、插座多、有WiFi、且WiFi夠快的工作和讀書咖啡廳。

Seoul Startup Hub4.7
🔌☕️🍔🚽📶120 Mb/s

A huge coworking space, which is completely free to use! Good opening hours, fast WiFi, and lots of power outlets. It's quiet and comfortable, with plenty of seating areas (with proper desk chairs). There's a convenience store and a cafeteria available inside the building as well, so you can easily grab lunch without having to go somewhere else. Don't forget to try the indoor slide!

AWS Loft Tokyo4.6
🔌☕️🍔🚽📶110 Mb/s

Easily one of the best places to work from in Tokyo. It's free to use, all you need is an AWS account to register. Plenty of comfortable seats, fast WiFi, lots of power outlets, and amazing views. There's a small cafe selling drinks and snacks, as well as a vending machine. It can get busy so be sure to arrive early to grab a seat.


  1. From the street, take the escalator up to the 3rd floor, following the signs to the office. AWS Loft guests can bypass reception, and proceed straight to the elevators by then following the signs for AWS Loft.
  2. Tell the guard at the elevators that you're going to AWS Loft, they will let you through the gate without a badge.
  3. In the elevator, proceed to the 17th floor where you will reach a reception area. Entering the space requires ID verification, such as by scanning a QR code from your registered account on the mobile website, and then presenting a business card or ID/passport to confirm a match.
  4. You will be given a lanyard to wear with your name, which you are expected to return upon your departure.

Signup: You'll need to register on their website before entering.

Space: The space looks really impressive with large windows offering amazing views of the surrounding area. There are different zones for working, relaxing, and meetings. There is also an "ask an AWS expert" corner, which is a fun concept. Lots of power outlets. There is music playing.

Seating: There are large shared work tables with soft and hard chairs. The soft chairs are really comfortable actually. There's also counter-style seating along the back wall, and couch-style seating along another wall.

Wifi: Good. 100 Mbit down. 150 Mbit up. 6-18ms ping. We'll have to see how it holds up when the co-working space eventually gets more crowded.

Food/drinks: There is a coffee/tea machine (free), soft drinks for purchase, and some snacks for purchase as well.

Meeting rooms: There are several meeting rooms and phone booths that (I think) can be booked for free as well. I haven't really looked into it yet, though.

Overall: A really cool space, comfortable work area, good location right by Meguro station. The main drawback is that the space is only open from 10:00-18:00 weekdays, and is closed on weekends.

Buenas Migas - Diagonal4.6
🔌☕️🍔🚽🐶📶200 Mb/s

This buenas migas is probably the best yet. It is full of individual seats with power outlets. If you go before 3PM, you will surely find a seat with an outlet. It does get a bit busy around 3, but I never had a trouble finding a seat. Coffee is cheap and tastes good, and the selection of the food here is good, from salad to dozen different focaccia. The WiFi is fast and no need to reconnect once you are connected. One down side may be the seats. You can only get a chair with close to none back support, or the bench attached to the wall, which is not the most comfortable thing in the world. However, given the place's overall cleanliness and how quiet it is for a cafe, I will come back many times!!

Silver Light Cafe4.6
🔌☕️🍔🚽📶170 Mb/s

Easily one of my new favorite cafe work spots in NYC. Silver Light Tavern is a bar/restaurant, however, during the day they open their space for a small cafe. The interior looks really cool, featuring dark colors and lots of natural light, giving a very cool vibe.

It wasn't busy on a weekday so we could easily get a large table for ourselves. The booth seating is super comfortable, idle for some laptop work. Every table also has power and the WiFi is very fast. There's a decent selection of pastries, cooked food, tea and coffee. So if you want to stop by for lunch that's an option as well. Also worth mentioning, the staff was very friendly and welcoming!

🔌☕️🍔🚽📶420 Mb/s



除了空間之外,對遠端工作者來說最重要的當然就是網速和插座了,這裡的WiFi非常快且幾乎每個座位都配有插座,另外很優秀的是這裡有不同座位類型可以挑選。我想「最佳」座位必須頒給整個空間最裡面的靠窗的工作檯,有整面玻璃窗面向大馬路,採光絕佳,並且和同區的書桌一樣,桌面都非常寬敞,可以放得下大量參考資料,而當然這麼完美的位置自然是非常受歡迎的,要早點來才能搶到這些絕佳位置 (這裡採座位保留制,入座會登記座位,雖然中間如有需要可以稍微離開換到其他座位,但仍是以原本座位為主,人多時店員會協調座位)。




最後是不知道出於什麼因素(知道上班族都想買醉嗎? 哈),蔦屋書店共享空間居然還推出了酒精方案,可以讓你免費暢飲 (詳情如下)。


  • 第一個小時(60分鐘) 180 元
  • 每延長半小時(30分鐘)追加 90 元
  • 一日方案: 640 元,須於到店時便選用,無法中途變更 (使用範例:8:30-21:30 = 13 小時 = 平均每小時 49 元)


  • 第一個小時(60分鐘) 260 元
  • 每延長半小時(30分鐘)追加 130 元


  • 第一個小時(60分鐘) 90 元
  • 每延長半小時(30分鐘) 追加 45 元
  • 這個方案以到店時間計,可參考圖片中的範例。(我們稍微算過,如果早上九點到店,並且只想待到兩點以前,則用這個方案幾乎等同於一日方案,可以自行斟酌哪一個最有利)


  • 不能打包點心吧的東西出去
  • 不得外食 (同層的路易莎可以帶入,也是很好的午餐輕食選項)
  • 須保持安靜
  • 可以借閱蔦屋書店中未拆封的雜誌和書籍 (大利多!)
  • 事務機可付費使用
  • 會議室可付費使用
🔌☕️🍔🚽📶85 Mb/s




巢 nido4.5
🔌☕️🍔🚽📶20 Mb/s


My Beverages4.5
🔌☕️🚽📶90 Mb/s

Amazing cafe for getting work done. Calm atmosphere, quiet music. Power outlets are everywhere. surprisingly comfortable wood chairs. Second floor is really bright, surrounded by windows with some comfy sofas. There is a big table. Cozy and vast selection of coffee and tea. Friendly owner.

🔌☕️🚽📶85 Mb/s



Buenas Migas - Baixada Santa Clara4.4
🔌☕️🍔📶100 Mb/s
2023/5/23|巴塞羅那·Gothic Quarter·咖啡店

This Buenas Migas location is quite small, located on a small side street next to the Cathedral. I came by in the afternoon on a weekday and it was almost empty. The big open windows provide plenty of fresh air and great for working and people watching. Nice vibe and good place to sit and work for an hour or two.

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