Buenas Migas - Baixada Santa Clara4.4
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May 23, 2023|Barcelona·Gothic Quarter·Cafe

This Buenas Migas location is quite small, located on a small side street next to the Cathedral. I came by in the afternoon on a weekday and it was almost empty. The big open windows provide plenty of fresh air and great for working and people watching. Nice vibe and good place to sit and work for an hour or two.

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Dec 12, 2021|Taipei·Zhongshan·Cafe

A great workable cafe near Nanjing Fuxing station. The interior is quite unique, with large glass walls and filled with bookshelves. The counter seats and the large work table on the second floor are great for working. Lots of power outlets, comfortable seats, and fast WiFi. The drinks selection is good, and there are some decent food options as well, but a little pricey. The menu has 2 prices for each item. Scan the QR code with Line at the counter and show it when you pay to get the cheapest price.

Coffee wake up 咖啡覺醒 (中山店)4.4
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Nov 1, 2021|Kaohsiung·Kaohsiung·Cafe

During a trip to Kaohsiung I asked a friend for cafe recommendations. This was the first one he recommended, and it was definitely a great choice. The space is very large, feels modern and bright, with lots of natural light. There are plenty of seating options, and I especially liked the large worktables and the individual counter seats in the back (popular for working or studying).

The menu is quite cheap, and has both food and drink, so it's definitely suitable for a working brunch/lunch. I tried the bacon & peanut butter toast, which was quite good.

The WiFi was fast, there were plenty of power outlets. If I was living in Kaohsiung this would definitely be a regular spot!

Le Meridien Club Lounge4.4
🔌☕️🍔🚽📶50 Mb/s
Apr 15, 2022|Kuala Lumpur·City Center·Lounge
Procaffeinating Cafe4.4
🔌☕️🍔🚽📶23 Mb/s
Oct 20, 2020|Taipei·Nangang·Cafe

A small cafe near Nangang Expo. The wooden floors and thoughtful interior gives it a very cozy and homey feel. The seats are comfortable and the counter is good for standing as well. The wifi is good and if you need power then there are lots of outlets hidden under the countertop. The menu selection is perhaps a little small. The tea was good, but quite small considering the price. The best thing about this cafe was that it never got very crowded or noisy throughout the day on a weekday.

To Dear (小路上藝文空間)4.4
🔌☕️🍔🚽📶73 Mb/s
Feb 27, 2022|Taipei·Daan·Cafe

A hidden gem near Guting MRT. The easiest way to access the cafe is to walk through the market area near Exit 4. The cafe itself has a very creatively decorated interior. I especially like the small details like the small plants in the tables. There's also a large outdoor seating area and apparently an art gallery as well. The best thing is that it was very quiet and very few people during the entire afternoon on a weekday, great for getting some focused work done. There's WiFi, power outlets, and a large menu with lots of tea. Furthermore the staff was very friendly and welcoming!

Bibliotheek Neude4.4
🔌📶50 Mb/s
Jan 6, 2023|Utrecht·Utrecht·Cafe
Jia Cafe Co-working space4.3
🔌☕️🚽📶40 Mb/s
Nov 5, 2020|Taipei·Banqiao·Cafe

Great atmosphere/vibe. Lots of plants and nice decorations. Peaceful music. Friendly staff. The first floor seating area has one large worktable and a couple of smaller tables. The second floor is quite large and has a lot more seats. Not very busy on a weekday. WiFi was stable but a little slow.

Delftse Poort4.3
🔌☕️🚽📶75 Mb/s
Feb 16, 2023|Rotterdam·Rotterdam·Public Space

Delftse Poort is a large office complex right next to Rotterdam central station. The ground floor public spaces are open to anyone, and you can find some really nice spots to sit and work from. Some tables are marked as "Tenants only", which cannot be used. However, if you see a sign saying "Flexible working" then you can use the space. There is also a small cafe if you head up using the escalators. Restrooms are located upstairs as well. Fast WiFi, comfortable chairs, and power outlets.

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Nov 10, 2023|Tokyo·Chuo·Cafe

The cafe gives off a modern, clean, and possibly upscale vibe. The design is sleek with wood elements and exposed ceiling infrastructure, suggesting an industrial-chic aesthetic. The lighting is warm and inviting.

A great work spot not too far from Tokyo Station. There are two areas, a large room by the entrance, and another smaller room in the back. In the afternoon/evening the cafe was super quiet and great for working.

My only complaint would be that the chairs in the back room are not particularly comfortable for back support. I ended up using my backpack as an extra back support. Other than that, it's a great spot, and drink prices were surprisingly good as well.

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