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A curated collection of work-friendly cafes and coworking spaces around the world. Find the best places to use your laptop with power outlets and fast WiFi to work or study from.

Sophia Coffee3.8
🔌☕️🍔📶320 Mb/s
Apr 1, 2024|Tokyo·Daikanyama·Cafe
dotcom space Tokyo3.5
☕️🍔🚽📶110 Mb/s
Mar 27, 2024|Tokyo·Harajuku·Cafe

Another good workable spot near Harajuku. The space is located downstairs, and has a lot of seating space inside, with some seats outside as well. Fast WiFi, but very few power outlets.

Blue Bottle Coffee Daikanyama3.1
☕️🍔🚽📶50 Mb/s
Mar 27, 2024|Tokyo·Daikanyama·Cafe

A new Blue Bottle coffee shop recently opened in Daikanyama, part of the Forest Gate building. It's probably one of the best workable Blue Bottle locations I've found in Tokyo, with large worktables, comfortable seating, and fast WiFi. The only caveat is that there are no power outlets. It was almost empty on a weekday morning, so it's a great place to get some work done early in the day.

Starbucks Sakura Stage3.0
☕️🍔📶260 Mb/s
Mar 27, 2024|Tokyo·Shibuya·Cafe

A brand new Starbucks (opened March 2024) in the new Sakura Stage building in Shibuya. It's located on the 3rd floor and has two separate seating areas. The second seating room is open until 9pm, and the main seating room is open until 10pm. The WiFi is very fast, but few power outlets. Also, I'm not really sure where the restrooms are. I think you'd have to find the nearest public restrooms in the building.

Downtown Camper Café3.9
🔌☕️🍔🚽🐶📶50 Mb/s
Mar 26, 2024|Stockholm·Center·Café

A café in the lobby of the Downtown Camper hotel. It has a dedicated co-working space with a big table at bar height as well as a few smaller tables and a sofa. The WiFi is decent, drinks are cheap considering the location and the staff is friendly. The co-working space is technically separate from the café which has a no-laptop policy and the café plays some quiet music. They technically close at 17 but they invited everyone to go to the hotel lobby which has additional tables and power outlets available.

Sensing Touch of Earth2.2
☕️🚽📶10 Mb/s
Feb 29, 2024|Tokyo·Taito City·Cafe

A cosy café but not great for cowork unfortunately. The WiFi is slow, there are no power outlets and apart from one big table the tables are tiny. It seems quite busy during afternoons and while the space is big most of it is reserved for events and not actually open to café guests. They play some nice background music at a good volume on what looks like a fancy stereo though.

🔌☕️📶150 Mb/s
Feb 28, 2024|Tokyo·Nakameguro·Cafe

A nice place to work near Nakameguro. It opens early and closes late. It can get fairly busy/crowded though. A large selection of drinks and snacks.

UNI COFFEE ROASTERY (Yokohamamotomachi)3.0
🔌☕️🚽📶10 Mb/s
Feb 21, 2024|Tokyo·Motomatchi-Chukagai·Cafe

This place is workable, especially the second floor, but the WiFi was unstable.

Always Day One4.2
🔌☕️🍔🚽🐶📶23 Mb/s
Feb 1, 2024|Taipei·Dazhi·Cafe

Brightly lit roastery and cafe in Dazhi. Large tables, fast WiFi and quiet. Chairs have back support. Chargers available for all seats.

Tasty deserts (especially the Basque burnt cheesecake), but no other food options.

Coffee is roasted in house and the staff are barista champions. Great coffee options.

Bike racks also available.

HillTea 丘山茶4.3
🔌☕️🍔🚽📶250 Mb/s
Jan 19, 2024|Nantou·Zhongxing New Villeage·Cafe

A fantastic cafe for tea enthusiast. You can choose the tea you want and then brew it yourself at the table. The staff will tell you what water temperature to use, and how long to brew the tea for. It's also very workable, thanks for fast WiFi and power outlets at every table. The cakes looked very nice as well!

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