NOW coffee 鬧咖啡4.3
🔌☕️🍔🚽📶110 Mb/s
Jan 16, 2024|Taipei·Zhongzheng·Cafe

The entrance to this cafe is a little hidden since the front only has a take-out window. The cafe entrance is actually from the side road. There are two floors with seating (the 3rd floor is just an event space).

Overall I'd say this cafe is great for having a nice lunch and doing some work or study. I would definitely recommend getting a seat on the second floor, which was very quiet, has plenty of natural light, and comfortable seats.

The menu has many drink options, including some nice Taiwanese tea. For food there are bagels, but the staff asked if I wanted to try the daily special instead, which was korean style chicken and rice. It was really good and filling!

Be sure to arrive early though. After around 1pm on a weekday it starts to fill up quickly. Also note that there is a 3 hour time-limit during weekends and holidays.

Espresso House (Kronprinsen)4.1
🔌☕️🍔🚽🐶📶8 Mb/s
Dec 27, 2023|Malmö·Slottsstaden·Cafe
🔌☕️🚽📶39 Mb/s
Dec 6, 2023|Tokyo·Omotesando·Cafe
Tully's Coffee Tokyo Dome City LaQua3.6
🔌☕️🚽📶50 Mb/s
Dec 5, 2023|Tokyo·Bukyo·Cafe
Eric Rose3.0
🔌☕️🍔🐶📶240 Mb/s
Dec 3, 2023|Tokyo·Aoyama·Cafe

Quite a nice place, but it's very pricey for what it is, and there was a 1.5 hour time limit on weekends (not sure about weekdays). Quite a large outdoor seating area (pets allowed). I ordered a muffin, which wasn't really worth the price (quite dry). There are no restrooms inside the cafe, you have to go out, and then take the escalator up to the second floor, which is quite inconvenient.

10° Cafe3.9
🔌☕️🍔🚽📶150 Mb/s
Nov 27, 2023|Tokyo·Toshima·Cafe

A fantastic cafe for working near Takadanobaba station. The 2nd floor is best for working, so when you arrive, let the staff know that you'd like a seat on the 2nd floor, and they'll give you a seat number and a QR code for ordering.

Drinks are quiet basic, and a little pricey for what you get, but at least the space is very comfortable, great for a work or study session.

Two restrooms available, one on 1F and one on 3F.

🔌☕️🚽📶45 Mb/s
Nov 27, 2023|Tokyo·Shin-Okubo·Cafe

This cafe is on a small quiet street near Shin-Okubo station. It's calm, quiet and cozy, even on a Sunday. I believe the owner might be from Taiwan, and they serve Taiwanese Oolong tea, which was very nice. There's good WiFi and power outlets. They don't accept cards though, so be sure to have cash or PayPay.

DIMLIGHT ESPRESSO Coffee Roasters3.6
🔌☕️🚽📶100 Mb/s
Nov 27, 2023|Tokyo·Yoyogi·Cafe

One of my favorite spots near Yoyogi station for a quick work session. The interior is small but they have some seats that allow you to use your laptop for up to 90 minutes, which is fair. The coffee is good, and the cakes are really good. Unfortunately no tea available.

Nescafe Harajuku4.0
🔌☕️🚽📶26 Mb/s
Nov 21, 2023|Tokyo·Harajuku·Cafe

A large and spacious cafe near Harajuku station. Surprisingly not very crowded considering the area, but I guess the vibe is a bit "corporate-y" so it's probably not the most popular cafe for tourists. In any case, it's a great spot to sit and get some done. Fast wifi, and especially the counter seats are great if you need power.

🔌☕️🍔📶35 Mb/s
Nov 21, 2023|Tokyo·Ginza·Cafe

A small and cozy coffee shop near Ginza station. There are counter style seats and some small tables (really only suitable for 1 person per table). The counter seats have power. Menu selection is quite small. There's coffee, but no regular caffine tea (only herbal or tea latte). The cookies are really good!

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