Jan 9, 2023|Barcelona·El Born·Cafe

This place is located right next to the Urquinaona station. Has some seats for couples, but also there are sofa seats by the wall with some power outlets. If you can secure one of those seats, you're good for the entire day. This Buenas Migas has a larger selections of food other than focaccia as well, such as salads and some pastries. Just be careful how concentrated you get because while I was staying there, someone snuck beside us and try to snatch the phone on the table. We noticed and he ran away but just beware of your surroundings!

Jan 9, 2023|The Hague·The Hague·Cafe

A small cozy cafe in The Hague. Order downstairs and then grab a seat on the second floor. The counter seats have a nice view overlooking the street. Legroom is a little tight though, and it was cold when I first arrived since apparently the heating wasn't on. The staff later turned on the heating. WiFi is available, but very slow. The panini was alright. Lots of coffee available, but no regular black tea. The fresh mint tea was nice though.

Jan 6, 2023|Utrecht·Utrecht·Cafe
Jan 5, 2023|Barcelona·Plaça Catalunya·Cafe

This cafe is located in a quite area and has plenty of seats with a quite music in the background. There are tables for multiple people, but also there are work station type of desks with plugs on every seats, so you can stay there for a long time. They have focaccia for really cheap price, so you can definitely spend the entire day there. WiFi was fast and stable, which was a plus.

Jan 5, 2023|Barcelona·Ciutat Vella·Cafe

A cafe with delicious pastries and comfy counter seats. The WiFi was a bit slow, but still usable. I was able to take a call as well without much issues.

Jan 3, 2023|Amsterdam·Amsterdam·Cafe
Dec 28, 2022|Barcelona·Eixample·Cafe
Dec 27, 2022|Barcelona·Ciutat Vella·Cafe
Dec 17, 2022|Schiphol·Schiphol·Lounge

Large lounge across two floors with many different seating areas. The first floor is usually quite busy, second floor by the bar is quieter.

Dec 13, 2022|Utrecht·Utrecht·Cafe

A great restaurant that's also very workable during lunch and early afternoon on weekdays. On weekdays it's usually pretty quiet so it's a nice place to have some good brunch/lunch while getting some work done. The wifi is very fast and there are some power outlets.

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