Tijm - Coffeehouse & Dinnerbar4.3
☕️🍔🚽📶17 Mb/s
Jun 7, 2023|Utrecht·Utrecht·Cafe

During mornings this is an ideal place to work. Nice interior, quiet, window seats facing the canal, really a wonderful place to work. There's decent WiFi, and a big menu offering both good food and drinks (brunch/lunch).

On a weekday day time it was fairly empty, just some people working on their laptops. I'm guessing laptops are not allowed during evenings/weekends/busy times though.

Light Capture Cafe by H.O.N3.8
🔌☕️🚽🐶📶139 Mb/s
Jun 2, 2023|Kuala Lumpur·City Center·Cafe

The opening times are a bit confusing. In their Instagram account they have different opening times than in Google Maps. The café is very spacious with two floors and different seat options (couches, taller tables that you can use as standing tables, regular chairs, tall chairs to name a few). The natural lighting entering from the windows is nice. The restrooms were clean. There was unlimited water for free. The temperature was good. The main downside is that the music was quite loud and too repetitive for my taste, I asked to turn it a bit down, they said that it was possible but I didn't feel any difference in the volume. I was one of the first customers for the day but it can get crowded, so not sure about seating availability, although they have many seating spaces. Power outlets were available only at the ground floor for a few tables, this was another downside. The WiFi was working well. The iced cappuccino was average, not too good, not too bad. There were a few bunnies as pets at the ground floor which can be disturbing for some people. You can find the complete menu in their website. You place the order online by scanning a QR code on your table.

Buenas Migas - 22@4.3
🔌☕️🍔🚽📶180 Mb/s
May 28, 2023|Barcelona·Sant Martí·Cafe

One of the cleanest and prettiest Buenas Migas in town. The cafe is spacious and has a plenty of seats for individuals. Power outlets are limited for seats along the wall but that is 70% of the seats so you should be able to find one. WiFi is quite fast. They say that it may get slow during the peak hours but it was still measuring mid 100Mbps. Later in the afternoon when there were less people, it was measuring around 300Mbps. It is also a plus that there's a bike racks right outside where you can see.

Hotel Casa Elliot3.8
🔌☕️🍔🚽📶70 Mb/s
May 24, 2023|Barcelona·Lobby

This hotel has a great lobby suitable for working. It was very quiet and empty most of the day time. Note that it's not suitable for outside visitors, but if you're looking for a "work-friendly" hotel while visiting Barcelona, then this is definitely a great option!

Buenas Migas - Baixada Santa Clara4.4
🔌☕️🍔📶100 Mb/s
May 23, 2023|Barcelona·Gothic Quarter·Cafe

This Buenas Migas location is quite small, located on a small side street next to the Cathedral. I came by in the afternoon on a weekday and it was almost empty. The big open windows provide plenty of fresh air and great for working and people watching. Nice vibe and good place to sit and work for an hour or two.

Eye Bar Restaurant3.6
🔌☕️🍔🚽📶68 Mb/s
May 22, 2023|Amsterdam·Amsterdam·Cafe

When the weather is nice in Amsterdam, this is an awesome place to sit and get some work done. The cafe/restaurant is located inside the Eye film museum, but is accessible to everyone even if you aren't planning to visit the museum.

The views are great and the space is definitely workable (there's wifi and power outlets). It can get busy during lunch time and weekends. Some of the higher up tables are reserved for dinner guests after 5pm, but I believe the bottom area and the very top back area are always available. There's a small selection of lunch options, so you can get some food as well.

The easiest way to get there is to catch the free ferry (F3) just outside the central station. It's just a short ride and the ferry leaves every couple of minutes!

Cafe Brooklyn3.5
🔌☕️🍔🚽📶140 Mb/s
May 21, 2023|Barcelona·Hospital Clinic·Cafe

The cafe is very spacious but lacks seats for people who are alone. I felt bad for occupying the whole table for four seats. Anyhow, despite the google maps reviews saying that the WiFi is bad, I didn't have much problem at all. I ran a few speedtests and the fastest it recorded was 180 Mbps. However, there were some tests that scored around 30 Mbps, so I have to say it wasn't consistent. The music is really quiet. There are a few outdoor seatings for the smokers as well. Power outlets, you gotta find a good seat that's close to it.

May 5, 2023|Barcelona·Ciutat Vella·Cafe

This place is operated by the Imagin Bank. Technically, you may need an Imagin Bank account, but the entrance staff were welcoming and did not check with me. I didn't even buy a coffee I think. According to a Google Maps review, the wifi is unusable, but I did not have any issues with it. The staff helped me out to connect it. The place is roomy and has plenty of power outlets. If you go upstairs, there is ample space to chill and relax like sofas and some books to read. I cannot recall the exact speed of the wifi, but I do remember having no trouble working.

Itnig Cafe3.4
🔌☕️🍔🚽📶16 Mb/s
May 5, 2023|Barcelona·Poblenou·Cafe

This cafe is run by Syra coffee, which is a popular chain of cafe in Spain. The building is a coworking space / startup community called itnig, but the cafe is open to public with a plenty of seats. The WiFi is workable but not the fastest. Also, there are not so many comfortable seats to sit for the entire day, especially if you're alone. If you can't get the table seats, you only get the high stools or the weird mattress seats. There's not many power outlets as well. Also, in the after noon, the sun light gets bit too much and can get quite hot inside.

MKCR / Mountain Kids Coffee Roaster 山小孩咖啡4.2
🔌☕️🍔🚽📶17 Mb/s
Apr 22, 2023|Taipei·Zhongzheng·Cafe

A small cafe near Beimen station, just beside The North Gate landmark. If you want to stay and work, be sure to go to the second floor, which is bright with lots of natural light. Clean, minimal interior. I especially like the large worktable, and the counter seats overlooking the street. Plenty of coffee, tea, and desserts on offer!

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