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Feb 16, 2023|Rotterdam·Rotterdam·Public Space

Delftse Poort is a large office complex right next to Rotterdam central station. The ground floor public spaces are open to anyone, and you can find some really nice spots to sit and work from. Some tables are marked as "Tenants only", which cannot be used. However, if you see a sign saying "Flexible working" then you can use the space. There is also a small cafe if you head up using the escalators. Restrooms are located upstairs as well. Fast WiFi, comfortable chairs, and power outlets.

Feb 15, 2023|Rotterdam·Rotterdam·Cafe

A fairly large coffee company location not too far from Rotterdam central station. First floor has a large worktable and counter seats. There is also seating on the second floor. Several restrooms available on the top floor. The WiFi was extremely slow though.

Feb 13, 2023|Utrecht·Utrecht·Cafe
Feb 5, 2023|Taipei·Zhongzheng·Lobby

If you're visiting Taipei then this is a great place to stay if you're looking to get some work done. The hotel lobby bar/cafe is a great place for remote working. I believe the bar/cafe area is open to the public (not just hotel guests) - but it's probably best to arrive after breakfast hours though. Fast WiFi, power outlets, comfortable seating, and nice views!

Feb 4, 2023|Tokyo·Chiyoda·Cafe

During a Saturday morning this cafe was a great place to sit and work for a bit. There are two seating areas, one with tables, and one with counter seats by windows. Plenty of power outlets and very fast WiFi. Tip: be sure to use the Plaza_GUEST WiFi network.

Feb 3, 2023|Tokyo·Meguro·Cafe

A great workable cafe near Nakameguro. You'll find very fast wifi, power outlets, a large worktable, and nice window-facing counter seats. There's a nice selection of drinks and cakes/snacks as well. There is a 2 hour time-limit though, and the seats aren't the most comfortable - but it's definitely a nice spot to hang out at for a while if you're in the area.

Feb 2, 2023|Tokyo·Shibuya·Cafe

Nice vibe, but not very suitable for working. There's a 90 minute time limit at all times. There is WiFi, although it is very slow (basically unusable) and very difficult to connect to. I had to manually assign myself an IP address in the range to get it to work. Drinks and snacks available, although quite pricey.

Feb 1, 2023|Tokyo·Shibuya·Cafe

A popular Starbucks located on the 6th floor of Tokyu Plaza in Harajuku-Omotesando area. It's a fairly nice place to sit and work at, especially in the morning before the department store opens (in this case use the elevator entrance to access the Starbucks). There's a fairly large indoor area, with one large work table. The outdoor area is very large, which is great to use when the weather is good.

Jan 31, 2023|Tokyo·Minato·Cafe

This Starbucks is located outside the ticket gates at the new Takanawa Gateway station on the Yamanote line. There isn't much around since the station, which is part of a large redevelopment project in the surrounding area. The station features a nice design with plenty of natural light. The Starbucks is located on the balcony above, overlooking the station.

To access the Starbucks, take a right just after exiting the ticket gates. Follow the "coffee cup" sign which leads you up a set of stairs.

The Starbucks features their "Smart Lounge" concept. There are two zones, one just as you walk in, and another to the left of the ordering queue. The left side was very quiet, and features several partly enclosed booths. Personally I like the counter seats, overlooking the station.

The WiFi was very fast, and most (if not all) seats have individual power outlets and USB charging ports, which was great! Seats aren't the most comfortable though, but it's fine for maybe an hour or two. Early morning was surprisingly busy, mostly business workers coming in for a coffee before work I guess. Late morning before noon was fairly empty.

There are actually two "STATION WORK" booths in the back as well. Pro-tip: if you connect to the STATIONWORK WiFi network you won't have to constantly reconnect, like with the regular Starbucks WiFi.

Jan 28, 2023|Tokyo·Shinagawa·Cafe

I recently discovered this new cafe near Gotanda station. Actually, the cafe seems to be a crowdfunded effort after the cafe previously at this location closed during the COVID pandemic. Their concept caters "Remote Workers", specifically those that have trouble joining remote meetings at home.

The cafe features three zones: (1) main indoor area (free) for quiet work, (2) an enclosed indoor area (paid) called the "Online Meeting Space" where you can have calls and join meetings, and (3) an outdoor seating area. I think this concept is quite interesting, although, I didn't see anyone use the meeting space, so I'm not sure how popular it is.

Staff was very friendly and welcoming, there's very fast WiFi, lots of power outlets, comfortable seats, and a decent selection of drinks and some snacks. If you're looking for a quiet comfortable place to get work done, then it's definitely a place worth checking out!

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